What is exchange program \ credit mobility?
Exchange Program \ Credit mobility can be defined as a limited period of study or training abroad in the framework of on-going studies at a home institution (IAAU) for the purpose of gaining international experience and academic and personal development at foreign Partner Universities. After the mobility phase, students return to their home institution (IAAU), where the credits are recognized and they complete their studies. Exchange Programs offers opportunities regarding Master’s programs and Doctoral candidates who want to follow part of their doctoral studies abroad. Exchange programs also provide staff mobility, allowing university staff to teach and be trained abroad.
How do I know if I am eligible to take part in exchange programs \ credit mobility?
To take part in exchange programs,
1. You must be registered as a student at IAAU
2. You must have studied at least one semesters at IAAU
Note: The undergraduate candidates have to complete the first semester at home university to apply for the mobility. The candidates cannot be enrolled in their last semester of their studies.
3. Your CGPA has to be 70 or over
4. You mustn’t fail courses
5. Your parents allow you to travel
What are the selection criteria to participate in exchange programs \ credit mobility?
The first stage of selection process is carried out by International Office of IAAU, on the basis of such criteria as: academic excellence, motivation, proficiency of English. The students have to submit to International office the following documents in English:
1) Transcript of records (70 - over)
2) Language certificate (for BA/MA – B2) – TOEFL IBT (65 - over), IELTS (5.5-over), PBT (513- over)
3) The candidates that do not have any official language certificate such as TOEFL or IELTS ought to pass Language proficiency Exam in International Office. Passing score is 70-over.
4) Application form (downloaded from official sites of receiving universities and filled in appropriately).
5) Learning Agreement (downloaded from official sites of receiving universities and filled in appropriately).
Note: Every student is responsible for negotiating the lessons and credits with his/her Head of Department while filling in the document.
6) Scan or copy of international passport – page with a picture (in case somebody does not have one, scanned copy of national ID).
7) Notarized permission from both of the parents
8) Other documents confirming the qualifications and achievements of the candidates
The second stage of selection process is carried out by receiving University. It is done on the basis of documents: transcript of records, result of Language Proficiency Exam, eligibility of the chosen credits and other criteria established by receiving University.
What partner universities do we have?
IAAU offers you a wide range of well-known universities all over the world. International office of IAAU cooperates with 75 universities from 21 countries such as the USA, Turkey, Poland, South Korea, China, Argentina, etc. For the list of partner universities, please visit

How should I choose the right university?
Sometimes choosing a university can become challenging. We offer you first to choose a country you would like to visit, and then check what Partner universities we have in that country. But the most important thing to bear in mind is to visit the partner university’s webpage to see if there is your faculty and department and can you take the same credits (as Home University) at Partner University. If the University does not offer your department and there are big differences between credits, you‘d better to choose another University. The last step would be to match if it suits your (financial and personal) demands.
What is the procedure of applying for an exchange program?
1. Choose a country
2. Choose a university
3. Prepare the necessary documents
4. Pass the English qualification test at IAAU International office. The exact date and time are to be determined each semester.
5. Submit the documents to International Office. Preferably, at least a week before the deadline as some mistakes can occur in your documents. We want you to have some time to fix them.
6. Documents of the students who have submit on time, meeting all the requirements are sent to Partner universities for revision.
7. When partner universities have accepted, sometimes you are required to submit some additional documents, such as health insurance, visa, extra forms, etc. please note that these documents should be submitted on time.
8. After all above mentioned procedures, you can travel to the country and the university to get an amazing and productive experience
Will the credits\ subjects at Partner University be accepted at IAAU?
Yes, peculiarity of the program is that you continue your study in foreign country taking the same credits\ subjects and after finishing mobility phase, you return and the credits are accepted at IAAU. However, mostly it is difficult to find absolute coincidence of credits\ subjects between Home and Partner Universities, in this case, you have to complete the missed credits until you graduate from University.
While participating in exchange program, do I pay the tuition?
You pay the regular tuition at IAAU for a mobility semester and do not pay any tuition to Partner University. There can be some exceptions, where Partner universities (some universities of the USA) demands to pay their own tuition. For more information, please contact International Office.
Can I apply to several universities at one mobility period and then choose one?
Since every university has quota for a number of exchange students from IAAU, you are allowed to apply for only one university.
How long can my exchange period abroad be?
Students are able to study abroad for a period of 4 months or one semester. However, sometimes Host Universities prolong their study (in case you study well and demonstrate your positive personal qualities) up to maximum one academic year.
For staff mobility, the minimum duration (excluding travel) is 7 days, maximum 3 months.
Is there an age limit to apply to exchange programs?
There is no age limit to participate in exchange activity. However, you will need to fulfil the selection criteria for the program you are applying for, as defined by Partner higher education institution.
My country of origin is in a different country than the university where I am studying. Can I do a mobility period in Kyrgyz Republic?
It is possible to do a mobility period (study or do training) if you are studying at IAAU, even Kyrgyz Republic is not the country of origin.
Is it possible to have more than one exchange experience at IAAU?
The programs enable students of IAAU to study or train abroad more than once as long as the minimum duration for each activity and a total maximum per study cycle is respected.
This means that you could apply, for example, to study abroad for a period of one semester, return and study at IAAU one semester, then you can apply again. However, if you travel a lot, you can face with the not completed credit problems at home University that can extend your study. Each time when you apply for programs consult your Head of Department.
I am already studying/doing exchange abroad and I would like to extend it, what should I do?
You can request an extension of the duration of your period abroad at the last month before the foreseen end date from both of your Home and Host Universities. If they agree, you have to fill in your Learning Agreement for coming mobility period negotiating with your Head of Department.
Please bear in mind that the total duration of the period abroad cannot exceed one academic year.
I am already studying / doing exchange abroad, can I apply for exchange program to another Partner University from here?
You can apply for another Partner University being an exchange student at foreign University keeping the following criteria:
1. Agreement of your Head of Department (Agreement letter from Head of Department to International Office that confirms your extension period at Foreign University);
2. Agreement of your Parents (notarized agreement letter from your Parents);
3. Filling in application forms, Learning Agreement and other required documents of Receiving University and send to Home University for confirmation;
4. If Head of Department and Institutional Coordinator find your documents eligible, International Office send your Documents to Partner University.
Do Exchange Programs provide any scholarships?
IAAU offers Erasmus + Program and Mevlana exchange Program that provide scholarships. Bilateral Exchange Programs do not provide any scholarships. Students have to cover their living expenses and travel cost by themselves.
How much is living expenses in foreign countries?
In Turkey students’ dormitory (including nourishment) costs -250-300 $.
In Poland students’ dormitory (including nourishment) costs -300-350 $.
In the USA students’ dormitory (including nourishment) costs -500-600 $.
For more detailed information visit official sites of each University.
What are the deadlines for applying for an exchange program?
1. spring semester - October 30th
2. fall semester – April 30th
Each academic year dates can be changed according to the requirements of Partner Universities. To follow the news visit International Office or visit our webpage in Facebook “IAAU International Office”.