Mission and Vision

The mission of the department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics is:

  • to produce highly qualified bachelors in applied mathematics and computer science in information processing and control systems
  • to preserve, enrich and transmit the knowledge in the field of Pure and Applied mathematics, Informatics and Computer science as

- Educating bachelors and masters students in these areas;
- Developing these areas scientifically;
- Instructing highly educated and responsible young people

The vision of the department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics in this endeavor consists of:

  • asserting its role in educational and scientific terms;
  • aspiring the educational curriculums to meet international quality standards and to be closer to the world's leading designs;
  • providing conditions for obtaining scientific results and creating practical applications recognized by the international scientific community;
  • working to promote best practice in the development, management and application of science for the purposes of the public the education and the business;