Thesis Guide


Table of Contents
1. Introduction: What is the M.Eng. Thesis?
2. Administration and Registration
3. Off-Campus Theses
4. Classification and Copyright
5. The Thesis Proposal
6. Thesis Grades: The Grade of J or the Grade of U
7. When to Start
8. The First Step: Finding a Topic and Supervisor
9. More Ways to Find a Thesis
10. Working on the Thesis and Avoiding Delay
11. The Thesis Document and Finishing Up
12. Other Documents: IAAU's Specifications for Thesis Preparation, etc.
13. Writing an Abstract
14. Word Processors, Printers, and Paper
15. Title Page and Copyright
16. Title Page, Copyright, and Patenting
17. Deadlines and Extensions
18. Supervisor's Signature and Final Grade
19. Copies, Binders, Labels and Clips
20. Thesis Prizes
21. MasterWorks: The Oral Presentation
22. VI-A/non-VI-A Thesis Proposal Agreement Letter
23. Thesis Release Letter and Classification Review Letter
24. Sample Abstract
25. Sample Title Page and Title Page with Copyright to IAAU
26. Checklist for Handing in a Thesis
27. Materials for Submitting to Department


Thesis Calendar



Selecting Thesis Topic


Submitting Proposal


Thesis Pre-Defense 1


Thesis Pre-Defense 2


Thesis Submissin to Supervisor(Printed Copy)


Thesis Submissin to Department(Printed Copy)


Thesis Final Version Submissin to Department(Printed Copy)


Thesis Defense